The Information Digital Kiosk

The Information Digital Kiosk (IDK) technology is the new communication medium that is changing the way people interact with your brand. IDK provides businesses, communities and organizations with interactive digital solutions that can accommodate complex interactivity regardless of size and complexity.


  • Indoor Features:
    • 43” 1080* 1920 Full High Definition
    • Android OS 10 point touch interface
    • AVIA – Anonymous Video Intelligence Analytics
    • Remote content management with admin levels
    • Google Play support
    • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, Ethernet
    • Webcam, HDMI output
    • 100% Customizable
    • and much more!

IDK55Touch All-Weather

  • Outdoor Features:
    • 55″ 1080* 1920 Full High Definition
    • Operating temperature: -40C – +60C
    • Android OS with IR waterproof/dust proof, anti-glare Nano-touch screen
    • Remote content management with admin levels
    • Intelligent AC cooling and heating system
    • Automatic light sensor system

like never

Anonymous Video Intelligence Analytics

Find out who is engaging with your content and for how long, with our patented Anonymous Video Intelligence Analytics (AVIA) software. AVIA is built into every IDK and provides key analytics to accurately define your audience.

The software uses the kiosk’s camera to determine the age, race, and gender of the end-user. AVIA ensures 100% anonymity and does not collect any personally identifiable information, including photographs.

The sky’s the

Create a Custom Experience

Your market is demanding digital content that’s fresh and engaging; IDK offers a solution. We get what you want to achieve, and as your digital partner, we’re ready for anything. Our team will work with you to find an on-strategy solution tailored to your audience. We can assist you in taking your idea from dream to reality – we offer
full system design, installation, and maintenance, as well as content production and project management.

Become a Digital Ambassador Network Partner

If you are a Destination Management Company (DMC) or Convention Bureau, joining the Interactive Digital Ambassador Network is the perfect solution and platform for you. The Digital Ambassador Network mission is to increase both the length of stay of tourists from within a region as well as influence the recurrence of visits from tourists from international markets.

The Interactive Digital Ambassador Network communicates real-time, interactive information on behalf of tourism, cultural and heritage initiatives of any tourism ministry or government private owned enterprise.

Impressions on the Interactive Digital Ambassador Network

Our mission is to elevate the out-of-home medium by serving interactive impressions to targeted audiences – audiences who are actively engaging with the IDK because its content is specific to their need at the time they see (use/find) the kiosk. Becoming a Network Partner creates a more active and relational experience than traditional out-of-home advertising. Our Interactive Digital Ambassador Network delivers millions of impressions at opportune, high foot traffic locations.

Digital Ambassador Network Partners

Impressions are high resolution and beautifully integrated into the IDK user experience.

Auto Interactive

Inform, engage and entertain with the full line of indoor and outdoor IDK Touch models. Your sales enhancement tool will be fully customized to your brand and will gather sales leads like no other medium. Our user friendly dashboard, with remote content management enables you or your team to upload content from anywhere with a few clicks. Utilize the IDK with many interactive features:

    • Browse New/Used Inventory
    • Book Service Appointments
    • Apply for Financing
    • Accessory Advertising
    • Sales Training
    • Dealership giveaways
    • Dealership website information
    • Wayfinding

Take your dealership to the next level by utilizing AVIA. With our Anonymous Video Intelligence Analytic software, you know the demographics of the people passing through your showroom, service department & reception!

AVIA reports give live feedback of age, race and gender while not collecting any personal and private information.

Join the Interactive Digital Ambassador Network

IDK Interactive has adopted a strategic focus on tourism, culture and heritage. Users are able to browse interactive web-based content while strategic network partners (tourist destinations, museums or government agencies) can communicate their services to the user.

How does it work? On every IDK located in a hotel, airport lounge or destination site, users are able to select and browse content of the hotel, airport, or the respective travel destination’s amenities and services by category.

like never

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